Frequently asked questions

Are there any fees to use this service?

Finance Friends does not charge investors a fee to use our serivces. However, we do charge financial advisors a fee after we have successfully matched them with an investor.

Where is the financial advisor information coming from?

Every registered financial advisor must anually (or more) submit a detailed report of their business activity to the SEC. This document is called Form ADV. The SEC makes every Form ADV available for download. As of the begining of 2021, there were over 400,000 unique advisors who filed a Form ADV. Finance Friends takes this publically available data and makes it easily accessible.

Are you registered with the SEC?

Yes we are. Check out our listing here.

How do I set up an appointment with an advisor?

Its really easy! There are 3 ways you can do this on our site.

1) Take our match with advisor quiz, answer a few questions, then see your results and select "Book Appointment" with any advisor you choose.

2) Browse the advisor database, filter based on your preferences, then select an advisor to view their full profile where you can select "Book Appointment".

3) Search a specific advisor that you've been thinking of talking to or was recommended by a friend. View their full profile and select "Book Appointment" to confirm a meeting!

Once you book an appointment, we'll make sure to contact the advisor on your behalf and act as the middle man to ensure that the advisor doesn’t take your personal information and sell it to others or try to cold call you multiple times.

Does the initial appointment with an advisor cost anything?

Nope! It should be completely free to you and we will make sure to follow-up with the advisor beforehand to confirm that it truly is.

What should I ask during the initial appointment?

The most important things you'll want to discuss are your specific financial needs, what the advisor can do for you, and how much they typically charge. We've also put together a list of the most important questions that you should ask that can be found here.

How do I start working with an advisor of my choice?

First, you'll need to complete the initial, free appointment with the advisor. Then, at the end of the appointment, make sure to let the advisor know you'd like to work with them, so they can prepare the necessary paperwork for you to review and schedule a follow-up meeting to confirm logistics with you.

How much money do I need to invest with an advisor?

It's completely up to you! You can invest as much as you feel comfortable investing, just keep in mind that a lot of advisors to have a minimum investment required to work with them. So, when taking our quiz or browsing advisors, make sure to enter the amount you'd like to invest so it can filter out all advisors that have too high of a minimum investment requirement.

What is the typical return on my investment that an advisor can promise?

It's important to keep in mind that the stock market is very dynamic and moves a lot, which means that an advisor can never "promise" a certain return on your investment. However, when meeting with an advisor for the first time, you can absolutely ask them what their returns were last year, for the last 3, 5, and 10 years as well, and this will typically paint a picture of how much you could expect to see your money grow if you invested with them.

Why don’t advisors have reviews or testimonials?

Under the SEC regulations, it is illegal for any advisor to post any testimonials or reviews about themselves or their services as it can be misconstrued and advisors could be tempted to inflate their returns and other important numbers.

Why doesn't Finance Friends have any reviews or testimonials?

Since we are also SEC registered, this means that the rules about advisors not being allowed to post reviews or testimonials also applies to us. While we have had hundreds of ratings and reviews, if we publicly shared this information on our site, it would most likely cause us to be de-registered from the SEC and get hit with a hefty fine.

How do I know an advisor will be a good match for me?

This can usually be teased out during the initial appointment with an advisor. If you have your list of questions prepared and your advisor answers them well and you feel as if you've built a good relationship with the advisor, then its usually a very good indication that you two are a good match.